Episode 5

Episode 5: Reporting from inside an armed bank raid

This week on Leeds Voices we're talking to Hind Hassan (Medicinal Chemisty 2007). She broadcasts from the most hostile environments in the world – but last year Hind found herself at the centre of an armed bank raid. She spent 16 hours reporting the siege in Lebanon to thousands of followers online, filming the antagonists with guns, Molotov cocktails, and gasoline.

The difference between this raid and others was the armed depositors were not stealing, they were trying to get their own money out of the bank. 

As a result of the 2019 financial crisis in Lebanon, banks began prohibiting normal people from withdrawing more than $400 (£336) a month. This has caused untold anguish to families with medical bills, school fees, and issues just making ends meet. 

She spoke to us about reporting from warzones, natural disasters, and humanitarian crises, and how Leeds inspired her to get into journalism.

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