Episode 2

Episode 2: Eurovision superfan Steve Rosenberg and producer Joe Mason

Eurovision fever has gripped the globe and for the first time since 1997 the UK is hosting the contest, on behalf of Ukraine. Weirdly these two worlds collide for BBC Russia Editor, and song contest superfan Steve Rosenberg. The Leeds alum is known for his love of the contest and away from reporting on the war in Ukraine, he escapes from the world of Kremlin politics by learning to play 300 Eurovision entries off by heart on his piano. We spoke to him last year about his enduring love for Eurovision.

In this episode you'll also hear from BBC producer Joe Mason. He worked on last year's UK entry, which reversed the countries decade-long misfortunes in the contest, and several dreaded nil point. He talks about last year's campaign, and what it will take for Liverpool to host this year's event.

You can listen to and read the full interview with Steve Rosenberg here: https://spotlight.leeds.ac.uk/moscow-calling/index.html

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